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Move around and enjoy going places with electric scooters and wheelchairs. Here at Wheelchairs Abound, we offer a wide selection of power scooters and replacement parts so you can live your life without worrying how you will get from here to there. Choose from styles such as extra wide seats, extended length for more leg room, and express to get where you're going a little faster.

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Amigo Has your Part in Stock!

Amigo carries over 1,000 parts and accessories for all makes and models. Because parts are very specific to each scooter; we do not attempt list all of them on this website. However, they are usually available. If you will provide your Serial Number (found on the steering column of the scooter) we will assist you with finding the right part at the right price. Call our customer service department: 866-774-8044. Or complete and submit this form and we will research your part and give you a quote within 1 business day. (Sometimes within minutes)

Consider The Following When Buying a POV:

Here are questions to keep in mind when shopping for a power operated vehicle (POV)/scooter:
Do you have a choice in the product you want? While the company is an expert on their products and will offer their recommendations on what is best for you, ultimately it is your decision. You should not feel pressured into selecting one type of product or another.
Does it have a 360-degree swivel seat for easier transfer and sitting at tables?
Is there a power seat lift available? Many POV/scooter owners say this is their favorite and most useful feature.
How will you transport the POV/scooter? Can you put it in the trunk of your vehicle, or is a specially- equipped van with a ramp necessary?
What is the company's reputation? Are they industry-recognized for their long-standing history and high quality products?
Be sure to test-drive the product in your home before purchasing. Does it fit through your doorways, is it easy to maneuver, do you feel comfortable driving it?
Is inventory readily available or does it have to be ordered through the dealer? If so, what kind of turn around time does it take to get parts to service your POV/scooter?
Can you adjust the product to fit you? Are you able to move the handle closer or farther away, can arm rests be added or removed, can leg rests or other customized accessories be added?
What type of service support is available? Try calling the manufacturer or your local dealer to see if they have LIVE service help, or if you are put through a series of automated questions.
Is it safe? Can the speed be programmed to go slower, are the forward and reverse levers enclosed to prevent accidental bumping, does the seat lock in any position you require?
If you have any questions about Amigo products, or would like assistance in finding the right mobility aid for you, please contact Amigo at 1-800-821-2710 or e-mail info@myamigo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

Reprinted from The Friendly Wheels, issue number, Amigo Mobility International, Inc.
For more information, contact Jennifer at jthieme@myamigo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 989-777-0910.

We carry most parts for your Amigo Scooter! If you need something that is not shown on our website, just call our customer service department to assist you with your items. There are over 100 parts in stock at Amigo for each model. We will need the Serial Number from the scooter; which can be found on the steering column on the Amigo brand (begins with "AMI") Call us today at: 866-774-8044 

How do I adjust the seat height on the Amigo if I don’t have a power seat lift?
To raise or lower your seat height, remove the nut and screw that holds the seat collar in place on the seat post; then adjust and reinstall in the desired hole on the seat post.

Should I turn my Amigo “off” when not in use?
Turning the Amigo off will prevent drainage of batteries and unauthorized use. On Amigo® RD models with a TouchTron Handle, the Amigo automatically switches to "sleep mode" if inactive for more than 23 minutes. This feature substantially reduces power to conserve battery capacity.

How do I adjust the speed on my Amigo?
If you have a “Hi/Lo” speed knob on your handle, you can use that. The “TouchTron” Handle has a speed indicator panel. Amigo’s manufactured since 2001 have a programmable controller, which allows your local dealer to modify the speed, acceleration, and braking for your personal comfort.

Can I push/pull the Amigo to get closer to a table?
All Rear Drive models feature a manual brake release lever. To engage the freewheeling mode, push the brake lever (located on rear cover) forward. To terminate the freewheeling mode, pull the brake lever toward the rear of the Amigo.

If you have a TouchTron Handle, you have an additional brake release button on the handle. To electronically release the electromagnetic brake, push the Brake Release button twice. To terminate the freewheeling mode, activate any control button on the TouchTron Handle.

If I have a power seat lift, how often should I lubricate the post?
Approximately every 3 to 6 months, remove the seat and activate the seat to the highest position. Using a dry cloth, wipe inner tube of accumulated grease and dirt. Then apply a very thin coating of grease to inner tube, except for top inch of the tube.

What is the best way to clean my Amigo?
Clean a fabric seat with upholstery cleaner. Use a damp cloth to clean the painted cover and protect painted parts with a coat of auto wax.

How often should I charge my Amigo?
We recommend you charge the Amigo every day. However, if it is not in use for a long period of time, charge for 24 hours every 30 days. Extended charging is good for the batteries and will not overcharge them. Amigos have an overcharge protection feature so that the batteries can be charged anytime the Amigo is not being used.

Where do I find my serial number?
Having this number or knowing where to find it, is a huge time saver when calling our Service Department for assistance with Amigo products. Here are new serial number locations effective September 1, 2004:

RD (Rear Drive Amigos) = 2 locations
  • Below steering handle on tiller
  • Owner's manual, front page
Amigo Classic = 2 locations

Now that you’ve made the decision to purchase a power-operated vehicle (POV), it’s very important that you are a well-informed consumer. Seek to learn as much as you can. Become your own mobility expert and determine which type of POV is a perfect match for you.

Consider this before purchasing a mobility vehicle:

Where will you use a POV?
A good mobility representative will ask if you are going to primarily use a POV in your home or outdoors. A range of sizes allows you to select the POV that best fits your needs.

Does the seat swivel & lock in any position?
Most seats automatically lock every 90 degrees. Amigo has specially designed the seat to lock at the precise angle that makes transferring easy and safe. You can also leave the seat unlocked which encourages you to swivel the seat at any time and that promotes movement in the lower extremities.

Do the controls on the handle provide comfortable & safe driving?
Some drive controls require you to use your thumbs, which can be uncomfortable over extended periods of driving. The Amigo has an oval handle, which protects the throttle from being accidentally hit, encourages use of either the thumb or the fingers and allows the user to rest their hands on the handle while driving.

Do I need an automatic brake release?
This is a great feature to have when you want to roll closer to a table. Just release the brake and you or your attendant can gently roll you forward or backwards.

Should I get a power chair or a Power Operated Vehicle (scooter)?
Depending on your mobility limitations, we recommend a POV (scooter) if you have upper body strength and can sit with minimal support. A scooter encourages you to lift your arms/hands to driving position, which can help with breathing and posture. Our swivel seat encourages you to move your legs and feet, which helps circulation. Consider you have a van or do you need a POV that fits in your trunk? Amigo recommends power chairs when you have very limited upper body strength and movement.

Some products are advertised as “FREE” through Medicare/insurance…is this too good to be true?
Medicare beneficiaries may have reimbursement for power chairs or POVs (scooters). BEFORE making your decision, you should choose the best equipment for your needs and get quotes on the cost of service replacement of key components. Many people are trying to sell their FREE equipment because they can’t use it or transport it. Use your Medicare dollars wisely to buy equipment that fits you, your home and your lifestyle.

What difference is there in pricing of POVs (scooters)?
Lower price doesn’t always mean, “bargain.” You need to estimate the life cycle costs of the product. Be sure you ask the service replacement cost of key components. Sometimes you can’t just purchase a “wire”, but have to purchase the entire handle.

How important is seating?
If you will be sitting in a POV for more than four hours each day, seating is very important. A bigger seat isn’t always the answer, nor is it always better. When in the seat, make sure you are not “bottoming out”. Does the bottom cushion support your legs? Are your upper legs at a 90-degree angle with your hips? Will you be able to get specialized seating if needed?

What should the floor-to-seat height be?
Floor to seat height and platform width (including rear wheels) are measurements you should know. Amigo’s compact platform widths are great features for functionality-plus both inside and outside the home. We encourage you to contact your local Amigo dealer to review seat to ground heights (which, by the way, are the lowest in the industry), as well as, platform widths. Both sets of measurements will fluctuate due to the selection of tires and seats on each Amigo.
Why bigger isn’t always better.
Many power-operated vehicles feature larger handles, wheels and longer platforms. For maximum use, Amigo recommends that the power-operated vehicle you choose be not much larger than your body. Have the dealer bring in a POV to your home so you can try it in your home and make sure it fits in your vehicle. Sometimes a larger handle may make the difference in closing your trunk.

Can I order different seats, colors or options?
Many companies offer one basic color and charge you to make changes to it. Decide how important color is and ask the cost of having choices.
Should I select tires with or without tread on my POV?
Today, the majority of POV/Scooters, industry-wide, have treaded rear tires. Current POV owners with non-tread tires are selecting treaded tires on their new POV purchases. Not surprisingly, then, many are requesting replacement wheels because of the dirt and stones picked up in the treads and carried indoors.

Review this simple comparison before making your tire selections:

Non-treadTread Easy to cleanx  Does not hold dirtx  Wider x Rim does not mark furniturex  Good traction in snow & wet grass x Non-markingxx Foam-filled x Urethane rubberx  Soft ridex 

Traveling By Air

When making reservations or purchasing airline tickets, inform the carrier you will need assistance in transferring or reaching your seat. If you use a travel agency, clearly explain exactly what assistance you will need.

Airport Accessibility
Call the airport ahead of time to determine what services are available to you. Most newly-constructed and large airports have jet ways. However, smaller airports may not. Ask ahead of time if they are available so you can plan accordingly. If you need to use a boarding chair, make sure the safety belts are secured properly and you are sitting properly in the chair.

You may want to request a bulkhead seat, which allows more legroom, and may allow you to drive your Amigo right to the seat, whereas the aisle behind it may be too narrow.

For easier transferring, request a seat with fold-up or removable aisle armrests. The armrests are relatively new equipment, so inform airline personnel if they are not aware of their existence or location. Since the armrests were designed for disabled people, you can request a seat exchange with a person who doesn't need them.

You will have the option of checking your Amigo with your luggage or using it to get to your seat or at least the gate.

Departing the Plane
Request a "gate tag" which insures your Amigo will go into the cargo department last and brought out first. Present a receipt to an airline attendant during the flight so the pilot can radio ahead and personnel can plan to bring your Amigo to your arrival gate. You may want to label your Amigo:
This is my legs!

If you leave the batteries on your Amigo, tighten the hold-down knob to prevent slippage, and disconnect the wires which run from the batteries to the Amigo.

The gel cell battery is a nonspillable, nonrestricted article approved for commercial airline travel by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB). Acid batteries are not allowed on airplanes.

Connecting Flights
Nonstop flights are often impossible to arrange. If you cannot schedule a direct flight, allow plenty of time between flights. Persons with disabilities generally disembark last.

If you choose to use your Amigo® at the hub airport, you must make arrangements, as previously mentioned above, for it to be at the gate when you arrive.

If you use an airport wheelchair, be sure you specify your needs to the attendants (e.g. you do not have an attendant to push the wheelchair or you are not ambulatory).

There should not be any charge for transporting your Amigo.

Never assume your special needs are known. Patiently make your needs clear to everyone involved.

International Air Travel
Confirm far in advance whether or not they require medical clearance. For Access Travel: Airports, concerning accessibility at airports in other countries, contact:
Consumer Information Center
Department 585P
Pueblo, CO 81009

Depending on your destination, most countries use a different standard voltage than the United States. You may need a universal charger.

Amigo Mobility International, Inc. is providing this information as a set of guidelines only. Not all suggestions apply in all situations.

To print your own traveling tags, click one of the links below and then select the print function from your browser.

Battery Tag
Flight Tag
Mobility Tag

If you are interested in travel kits with back up parts/accessories, contact Customer Service at 1-800-248-9131.

Airline Security
Airlines have become more security conscious with their inspection requirements. When traveling with your Amigo, follow the tips below and you should travel without incident.

Most airlines require the cover to be removed and the batteries disconnected. If you have a lifting device attached to your seat post, you will need an allen wrench and an open-end wrench to remove the lifting device.

Once the cover is removed, and if the airline requires the batteries to be disconnected, follow the instructions below:
  1. The lift-out, no-connection battery needs simply to be lifted out, turned 180 degrees and set back into place.
  2. Wired batteries require that the wires be disconnected at the black connector. Both ends are female connectors and need no tape. If the airline requires tape, have it put on the wires attached to the batteries.
  3. If your Amigo has a key, turn the key off and remove. If the Amigo does not have a key, turn the rocker switch to the off position. When the Amigo is turned off, there is no current going to the motor or controller. Put the Amigo in freewheeling.
  4. If the Amigo has an adjustable handle, lay it on the seat. Now fold the back of the seat over it and secure a strap around the seat to protect the handle.
  5. If you have the Amigo® Classic or TravelMate™, simply remove the batteries. The front assembly (tiller and drivehead) of the Classic will usually fit nicely in the overhead compartment and the base and seat will fit in the onboard closet.
If you follow these recommendations, yet continue to have problems, be courteous as you ask to speak to the “Complaint Resolution Official,” (CRO). This person has extensive customer service training and is generally able to handle questionable situations.


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